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Planning Your Home Buying Goals for the New Year

If your plan for personal growth this year includes a real estate purchase or sale, look no further than our team at Newbigging-Pearson Niagara Real Estate to help make it happen.

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Lights, camera, action...sold!

In real estate, home staging can lead to a faster sale, at a desired price. Learn more with some home staging tips provided by the Newbigging-Pearson team.

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The Spring market is upon us

If you’re ready to dive into the frenzy of the spring real estate market, then Newbigging-Pearson is the team for you.

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Niagara real-estate market open for business

Influences like interest rates and government regulations have not adversely affected the Niagara real estate market.

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Can you imagine yourself living here?

Newbigging-Pearson experts offer tips for home staging so potential homebuyers imagine making themselves right at home.

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About that deposit... where does it go?

When making an offer to purchase a home, transferring some funds to the seller's realtor is an approved practice. A real estate deposit lets the seller know you are serious about your offer to purchase their home.

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